Crossout cheat + bot Rust cheat

Crossout cheat status: Undetected for 0 years 1 months 23 days 13h:26m:51s

Aimbot functions:
- Movement prediction, auto or self configurated.
Can aiming at enemy modules by configured priorities:
- Can aiming at weapons.
- Can aiming at generator.
- Can aiming at ammo box.
- Can aiming at fuel barrel.
- Can aiming at wheels.

- Distance.
- 3d boxes.
- Hit Points.

Afk farming follow bot:
- Bot following nearest ally car and attacking closest enemies.
- Bot stores tracker path data for every map, and uses them later as known path to drive.
- Supported only normal missions for farming wires and metal.

Prediction aimbot:

Follow bot:

For free trail launch download cheat loader and run it using key trialcrossout


Для пробного запуска скачайте загрузчик и запустите его используя ключ trialcrossout

English cheat manual | Русское описание чита

Before buying please read this: | Перед покупкой обязательно прочтите:
Requirements for run | Требования для запуска
About bans | О банах (EAC update)

Buy a key for 31 day | Купить ключ на 31 день
Buy a key for 31 day | Купить ключ на 31 день