Cheat features: Aimbot
Highly configurable! - Well customizable
Visibility checks - Check for visibility
Bone Selection - Aimbot bone selection
FOV & Smoothing - Aim radius and smoothing
Skip Zombies - Disable aiming for zombies
Visuals ESP
Highly configurable! - Highly customizable
Players - Players
Zombies - Zombies
Animals - Animals
Town esp - Highlighting city names
Weapon - Weapon Highlight
MeleeWeapon - Illumination of melee weapons
Attachment - Weapon Attachments
Magazine - Stores
Ammo - Ammo
Container - Containers
Food - Food
Drink - Water
Bottle - Water bottles
Medical - Medicines
Backpack - Backpacks
Clothes - Clothes
Tool - Various things
Consumable - Consumables
Crafting - Items for crafting
Book - Books
Tent - Tents
Vehicle - Cars
VehiclesParts - Vehicle Parts
Corpse - Corpses of players / zombies
Animal - Animals
Wrecks - Wrecks
Built in compass - Built-in compass
Zombies - Zombie Lighting
Players - Player lighting
Dayhack - Ability to make a Day when the server is Night
No recoil - Weapon anti recoil
No sway - Anti scatter
Compass - Compass
Speedhack - Speedhack
Battle mode - battle mode (Allows you to turn off unnecessary lighting and leaves only the esp for the players)
Stream-proof - The ability to stream with software, the cheat will not be visible on the record
Intel processor (AMD NOT SUPPORTED!)
Windows 10 version 1903,1909, 2004, 2009, 20H2 (Win 7 & 8 NOT SUPPORTED!)
GPT format of the disk on which Windows is installed
Purchase 1 day: 300.00 RUB

Purchase 7 days:

Purchase 30 days:

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will come to you at the mail indicated before payment. There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.