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  1. Its a block from 3rd program, look at anti-cheats direction, windows defender dont do that.
  2. Thank you for report, updated.
  3. Fixed, please check.
  4. Updated.
  5. Thank you for report, work in progress....
  6. Thank you for info, i will take a look... Not sure i can fix this issue in closest time.
  7. Please send your key in PM
  8. Please send your key in private message.
  9. Please provide screenshot of this
  10. Just sent mail with key to that address, due to technical issues it was not sent automatically...
  11. This is connection troubles
  12. Its need to look via teamviewer, contact me in discord for that...
  13. This can be block by anti-cheat from other game, that a loaded at system boot, for example vanguard (valorant anti-cheat), or anti-virus program...
  14. This error happens when user does not meet requirements: - Supported only Windows 10 LTSC (Enterprice) x64 with latest updates - Required game client in windowed mode