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FoxHole cheat status: Down

(This game dont have anti-cheat system)

Cheat functions:

Aimbot with prediction:
- Aimbot mouse mode
- Aimbot 3d point writing mode (mouse can be locked on target or released)

- Enemies
- Enemy aim lines
- Warning indicators (show when enemy target at you)
- Allies
- Allied aim (show allied aim line)
- Outscreen pointers with distance (enemy and allied indicators)

FoxHole cheat overlay displays enemy units with markers (ESP), units become visible behind obstacles, in bushes and other shelters, so you get the advantage on the battlefield. The overlay also have aimbot (autoaim), the aimbot have movement prediction, also when the target enemy is outside screen - in this case autoaim is aimed at the edge of the screen. Aimbot have two working modes, mouse move simulation aiming and memory writing aiming mode, in memory writing mode it aims accurate directly to defined point, and have switcher for head/body/legs target fir aiming. Hotkey for autoaim can be configured in options menu:

About FoxHole game:
Foxhole is an online multiplayer game where you and hundreds of other players can influence the ongoing online war. This is an amazing tactical and strategic game. Each of your actions can significantly and irrevocably affect a huge world that is constantly at war.

Video preview
(Current version of cheat may have difference of that presented on video, as it can have updates or optimizations)

- Supported any Windows x64 version

For free trial run is enought do download cheat loader and run it with key "TRIAL", if you didnt used this cheat before then you will be given a trial period automatically, the program didnt store any of data on your computer, it uses webserver to check your hardware id

PayPal: After receiving payment cheat loader and key will be sent to email of payer, WARNING! payment must be instant and have status "Completed".
oplata.info: After receiving payment key will be sent to email of payer.

You are purchasing access to cheat for a certain period (typically for a month), which is not dependent from possible detection, and other technical difficulties, and in the case of such compensation for time or chargeback will not be made, if you are not satisfied with it, please refrain from purchase. Chargeback possible if cheat failed to start for some reason, to do it send email to [email protected] with screenshot of first error that appears, and email you are payed from.

Purchase FoxHole cheat:

Purchase a key for 31 day