Cheat features:
Player ESP - Player Lights
Bot ESP Active - Bot Lights
Player Sleeper ESP - Illumination of sleeping Players
Player Box - Illumination of the players box
Player Skeleton - Illuminated by the skeleton of Players
Player Health - Highlighting the health of Players
Player Nickname - Highlighting the nickname of the Players
Player Distance - Highlighting distance to Players
Player Weapon - Illumination of weapons in the hands of Players
Player ESP distance (0-400) - Select the highlight of the Players
Crate ESP - Highlighting Loot Chests
Crate Name - Name of loot chests
Crate Distance - Distance of loot chests
Crate ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance for highlighting chests with loot
Dropped Items ESP - Highlighting items lying on the floor
Dropped Items Name - Name of items lying on the floor
Dropped Items Distance - Distance of items lying on the floor
Dropped Items ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance of highlighting items lying on the floor
Cupboard ESP - Cabinet Lights
Cupboard Name - Cupboard Name
Cupboard Distance - Distance to Cupboards
Cupboard ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance of the Cupboard illumination
Turrets ESP - Turret Lights
Turrets Name - Name of the turrets
Turrets Distance - Distance to turrets
Turrets ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance of the turret illumination
Collectible ESP - Highlight Rare Ore
Collectible Name - Rare ore name
Collectible Distance - Distance to rare ore
Collectible ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance to highlight rare ore
Copters ESP - Helicopter Lighting
Copters Name - The name of the helicopters
Copters Distance - Distance to helicopters
Copters ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance of the helicopter illumination
Ore ESP - Ore Highlight
Ore Name - Name of the ore
Ore Distance - Distance to ore
Ore ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance to highlight ore
Stash ESP - Stash Highlight
Stash Name - Stash name
Stash Distance - Distance to stash
Stash ESP distance (0-400) - Select distance for stash illumination
Radtown loot ESP - Illumination of the box of the killed
Radtown loot Name - The name of the box of the killed
Radtown loot Distance - Distance to the box of the killed
Radtown loot ESP distance (0-400) - Select the distance of the illumination of the killed box
AirDrop ESP - Highlighting loot from the air
AirDrop Name - Name of the loot from the air
AirDrop Distance - Distance to loot from the air
AirDrop ESP distance (0-400) - Selection of distance for illumination of loot from the air
Aimbot Active - Enable aimbot
Aimbot Visible check - check for visibility
Aimbot Bind - select the aimbot trigger button (Rmouse, Lmouse, Shift)
Aimbot Bone - select a part of the aimbot aiming body (Head / Neck / Body)
Aimbot ignore team - Ignore teammates for aimbot
Aimbot FOV (modification slider) - Aimbot aiming radius
Aimbot Smoothing (modification slider) - Aimbot aiming smoothness
Aimbot Distance (modification slider) - Aimbot distance
Draw Fov - Show the focusing radius
Draw Crosshair - Crosshair centered on screen
Spiderman - Climb Walls
Debug Camera - (F6 - Camera Activation | W / A / S / D - fly forward / left / backward / right + shift acceleration | Ctrl / Shift - up / down)
Swim On Land - Swim on Air (F5 - Activate)
Roll Building - Rotate Buildings (On key 'R' when with the construction plan)
Mount Roll - Removes camera movement restrictions when you are sitting somewhere
Always Day - Always day on the map
AntiAim (BETA) - Spinner complicates the task for the enemy with a cheat (BETA VERSION)
Long Neck - Long neck (visually increases the height of the player for yourself, you can kill the enemy without seeing you for him)
Rcs - Weapon Recoil Control
Minimize Spread (TEST) - Minimum spread
Automatic - Make all weapons automatic
Skinchanger - Change default skins to colored ones
Super Eoka - 1 Shot Eoka
Super Melee - Increases the radius of hit with melee weapons as well if hitting next to the enemy will hit him
Full Player ESP Colors Modification - Changes to player highlight colors
Full Bot ESP Colors Modification - Changes bot colors
Full Resource ESP Colors Modification
Full Misc Draw Colors Modification
System requirements:
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 (version 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
Supported processors | Supports processors:
Intel, AMD
Supported Modes | Supported modes:
Anticheat | Anti-cheat: EAC
Purchase 1 day:

Purchase 7 days:

Purchase 30 days:

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will come to you at the mail indicated before payment. There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.