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Rust experimental cheat status: Undetected
Undetected for 0 years 0 months 1 days 22h:58m:1s


Mouse move aimbot:
- Aimbot with prediction

Prediction marker, Distance, Frame, Hit Points, Resources, Animals, Food, Traps, Items, etc...

Rest features:
- Radar
- No recoil (automatic weapons only)

Video preview
Video preview 2
(Current version of cheat may have difference of that presented on video, as it can have updates or optimizations)

- Supported only Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise x64 with updates up to 2004 version
- Required game client in windowed mode

oplata.info: After purchase key and loader link will be sent to email of payer.

Download and run the cheat loader (link to the loader will be available after receiving key), run it before the game starts using the purchased key. In case of technical problems, you can contact the administrator via Skype live:admin_103697

You are purchasing access to cheat for a certain period (typically for a month), which is not dependent from possible detection, and other technical difficulties, and in the case of such compensation for time or chargeback will not be made, if you are not satisfied with it, please refrain from purchase. Chargeback possible if cheat failed to start for some reason, to do it send email to [email protected] with screenshot of first error that appears, and email you are payed from.

Purchase Rust experimental cheat:

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