Hardware serials number spoofer

( develop)

This spoofer will change:

- Diskdrive serials
- Permanent MAC address
- Monitor serial number
- Baseboard serial
- Memorychip serials

EasyAntiCheat, BattleEye anti-cheats not supported by this spoofer.

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Q:How to use Hardware spoofer?
A:Run it before starting game client, then click "Apply spoofer" and close it. (You may check your current hardware serials numbers before close, to make sure they are changed, by clicking corresponding buttons in the spoofer interface window)

Q:My hardware banned by anti-cheat, i used spoofer but it didnt help to remove ban, why?
A:We cant guarantee spoofer will work for all, anti-cheat may ban 3rd hardware that didnt supported by spoofer.

- Supported Windows 10 x64 with updates from 1803 to 21H1 version After receiving payment key will be sent to email of payer.

Purchase hardware spoofer key:

Purchase a key for 31 days, 12 USD:

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