1. Software. The software for which this Agreement is concluded includes: (a) a copy of the client's computer programs provided on the site, (b) Software delivered in the form of object code via the Internet, (c) any manuals and documentation that relate to the Software software, which includes (but is not limited to) the following list: any description of the Software, its specifications, parameter descriptions, instructions for use, a description of the Software interface, instructions for use and installation, and any other descriptions on the use of the Software ('Documentation'), (d) copies of the Software, corrections of errors in the code of the Software, if any, additions to the Software, extensions of the Software, improved versions of the Software, new versions of the Software, as well as all updates of any parts of the Software of the collateral, if any, for which Supplier grants you the right to use this License in accordance with Article 4 of this document. Vendor supplies the Software in executable code only. 2. Sending an activation code to the Supplier. The software is equipped with the function of sending information to the provider about attempts to use the program without activating it. In addition, data is sent about the computer and the platform on which this Software is installed (hereinafter referred to as the Information). The information may contain data about the computer itself (system configuration), operating system. The Provider undertakes to use the Information received only for the activation of the Program and to take the necessary measures to protect their confidentiality. By accepting this agreement and including the function of the Software described above, the User agrees with the sending of Information to the Supplier, and also gives him the necessary permission, governed by the relevant legal regulations, to process them. 3. Installation. The software is delivered via e-mail, downloaded over the Internet, downloaded from the servers of the Supplier or from other sources. The computer on which the Software is used must not contain software or hardware that could adversely affect its operation. 4. License. By receiving this document, you thereby agree with the clauses of the Agreement. One user means: one activated version of the Software on one computer. 5. Use of the User's rights. As a User, you can use the Software only for personal purposes without causing harm or inconvenience to other Users. 6. Restrictions on the User's Rights. (a) It is not permitted to copy, distribute, split or create child versions of the Software. (b) You must not use, modify, interpret, reproduce or transfer the rights to use the Software or copies of the Software. (c) You must not sell, rent or lease the Software or the rights to use it. (d) It is prohibited to analyze, decompile, or disassemble the application code, or seek ways to obtain the source code of the Software in a manner that is contrary to applicable law. (e) You agree to use the Software only in a manner that complies with all existing laws and regulations that apply to the use of this Software, including the rules established by international copyright law, internal regulations of the Russian Federation on copyright and related rights, as well as other laws for the protection of intellectual property. 7. Copyright. The software and all rights, including (without limitation) property rights and intellectual property rights, belong to the developers of the program. The rights of the developers are protected by international agreements and other relevant laws of the countries in which the Software is used. The internal structure, device and code of the Software are trade secret and confidential information belonging to the developers. Copying of the Software is prohibited. If you analyze, decompile, or disassemble the code of the Software, or are looking for ways to obtain the source code in ways that violate the provisions of this Agreement, any information obtained in this way must automatically and unconditionally be transferred to the Supplier, since it belongs to the Supplier initially. 8. Reservation of Rights. All rights to the Software are reserved by the Supplier, except for those rights that are explicitly transferred to you, as a User, by this Agreement. 9. The moment of entry into force and duration of the Agreement. This Agreement enters into legal force and is effective from the moment you start using the Software, accepting the terms of this Agreement and confirming the correctness of the key by the Supplier. You can terminate the Agreement by irreversibly deleting, destroying or returning at your own expense the Software, all backups (if any) and all additional materials that were received from the Supplier. Your rights as a User are automatically and immediately canceled, without warning from the Supplier, if any of the provisions of this Agreement is violated by you. In this case, you are obliged to immediately remove, destroy or return at your own expense the Software, all backups (if any) and all additional materials that were received from the company or from one of its commercial partners. This Agreement is concluded for the entire period of use. Regardless of the termination of the current Agreement, the provisions of Articles 7, 8, 10, 12 and 16 shall remain in effect indefinitely. 10. PROVISION GARANTII.VYSTUPAYA as a user, you acknowledge your awareness THAT THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ON AN 'AS IS' WITHOUT EXPRESS OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND imputation, and as permitted by relevant legislation, SUPPLIERS OR ITS Partners, acts as a supplier, OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS MAKE NO EXPRESS OR imputation OBLIGATIONS OR WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR THAT THE SOFTWARE WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY PATENT, COPYRIGHT, RIGHTS ON TRADEMARKS, OR OTHER RIGHTS OF THIRD PARTIES. SUPPLIER AND ITS PARTNERS DO NOT WARRANT THAT THE SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS WILL FULLY MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS OR THAT THE SOFTWARE WILL WORK WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS OR ERRORS. ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE SOFTWARE TO ACHIEVE THE CERTAIN RESULTS YOU NEED, AS WELL AS WHEN INSTALLING, USING AND OBTAINING THE RESULTS THAT YOU WILL HAPPEN. 11. Disclaimer of Further Obligations. This Agreement does not impose any obligations on the Supplier, except for those set forth in this Agreement. 12. LIMITED WARRANTY. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, THE PROVIDER, ITS EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS, acts as a supplier, BE LIABLE FOR ANY ACCOUNT LOCK WarFace, ACCOUNTS different leagues and the site, and does not make a refund for the purchased program ON SITE, ACQUISITION OF NEW OR PAYMENT fOR LOST KEYS, ANY LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUE OR TURNOVER SALES, OR fOR LOSS OF DATA, OR fOR COSTS fOR ADDITIONAL PARTS AND SERVICES, fOR PROPERTY DAMAGE, injury, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION OR OTHER CASES DAMAGES, INCLUDING SPECIAL, intentions, unintentionally, INCIDENTAL, ECONOMIC, cover, crime, directly or indirectly, have occurred ANY ANOTHER MANNER, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF OPTIONS CONTRACTS, deliberate actions NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER FACTORS THAT MAY CAUSE responsibility, including DAMAGE CAUSED BY USE OF THE SOFTWARE OR ITS INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE, EVEN IF THE SOFTWARE PROVIDER OR ITS SUPPLIER PARTNER HAS BEEN WARNED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. BECAUSE THE LAWS OF CERTAIN COUNTRIES AND SEPARATE LAWS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF SUCH LIABILITY, BUT WE ALLOW TO LIMIT IT, THE LIABILITY OF THE SUPPLIER, ITS EMPLOYEES OR ITS PARTNERS, LICENSING, LICENSING THIS LIABILITY. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE USER. THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT FAIL-SAFE AND IS NOT INTENDED TO WORK IN HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS REQUIRING UNINTERRUPTED OPERATION. THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN THE OPERATION OF AIRCRAFT NAVIGATION, NUCLEAR FACILITIES, OR COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, The weapons system, SYSTEMS, DIRECT OR INDIRECT LIFE-SUPPORT SYSTEMS, AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL, OR ANY APPLICATION OR INSTALLATION WHERE FAILURE COULD RESULT IN DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY OR GREAT DAMAGE. 13. Nothing in this Agreement affects the rights of the party for which the law defines the rights and position as a consumer. The supplier, for its part, its employees and its suppliers, acts from the position of refusal, exclusion or limitation of any obligations, liability and guarantees, as specified in article 12, which excludes any other position and does not pursue other reasons. 14. Support. The Supplier provides technical support for the latest version of the Software exclusively in the language of the country in which it was produced. 15. Payment procedure. The fact of payment of the License Fee is a confirmation of the User's acceptance of this License Agreement. Payment is made through the service in any convenient user currency. 16. User data and rights protection. You, as a User, authorize the Provider to transfer, process and store data that allows the Provider to identify you. You agree that the supplier may use its own means to verify the correct use of the Software in accordance with this Agreement. You agree that through the exchange of data between the Software and the computers of the Supplier or its commercial partners, data will be transferred that certify the right to use the Software and protect the rights of the Supplier.