DayZ HORIZON cheat


Enable Esp Box on Players - Turns on the highlighting of boxes for players
Enable Esp box on Zombies - Turn on the highlighting of boxes for zombies
Esp Loot - Turn on loot highlighting (also shows hidden caches buried in the ground!)
Loot Distance - Setting the distance to loot
Esp Cars - Show Cars
Esp Skeleton - Show player skeletons
Show Local Player Position - Show player coordinates
Show aim position - Show aimbot position
Enable Esp Distance - Show distance to players, loot, etc.
Enable show FOV - Show aimbot radius

Enable Silent Aimbot - Enable silent aiming
Fov - Silent aim radius
Aim on Players - Enable silent aim on players
Aim on Zombies - Enable silent aim on zombies

Steal loot through walls from bases
Debag camera - Admin camera, map flight
Enable Speedhack - Enable speedhack
Panic Key - Button that will disable your cheat (helps to avoid admin checking)

Q:How to do purchase?
A:After payment, program key and instructions will be send to your e-mail

Q:How to run cheat?
A:Its need to run cheat before starting game.

System requirements:
Any processor
Windows 10 (1803 - 20H2)

Purchase 1 day: 450.00 RUB

Purchase 7 days: 1900.00 RUB

Purchase 30 days: 3800.00 RUB

After payment, you will receive program key, which will come to your e-mail, pointed before payment. There you will also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.