RU - private cheats service

Here you can buy without registration, easy and cheap cheat for your game

EasyCheats offers cheats at an affordable price and with good protection against detection, to buy you do not need to waste time on registration and filling in unnecessary forms, enough to buy the program key and run it through the loader. List of available cheats is on the top of the page. We only work with games for Windows.

By buying a key for cheat, you agree to the terms below and assume full responsibility for its use.

1. The guarantee of work cheat is given only at the time of sale, other cheat updates are performed on a voluntary basis.

2. In the case of technical failure to update the cheat after ingame patch, no refunds will be made.

3. In case of ban/blocking of the game account no refunds will be made.

4. Refunds for purchase are possible only if the program failed to start.

5. Many antiviruses may trigger on the cheat program and find in it false positives for viruses or trojans, our software does not contain malware, we do not distribute viruses and steal other people's passwords.