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  4. Currently frozen for some period.
  5. Will the rust hack be back up again soon?
  6. Will it be fixed?
  7. Did code rollback.
  8. I have the same symptoms.
  9. Yeah, I have the same problem @admin Please fixed it as soon as possible
  10. After the update, it creates a blue screen.
  11. Hello, I get the blue screen error at least once a day, though not consecutively, I will be glad if you fix it error code: Critical_Structure_Corruption ndis.sys
  12. Oh good, but I don't understand, Rust uses EAC, and if this is spotted in Spoofer Rust shouldn't it have been detected in all EAC games? So what is the logic of Spoofer detect?
  13. Can you tell us for which games Spoofer is currently detected?
  14. Oh that's bad
  15. All we had its reports with delayed bans on Rust game. Yes it can be detected in future, as all other programs.
  16. No that's not what I want to ask, has this spoofer been detected before or can it be detected in the future?
  17. Yes it works for EAC games, except Rust.
  18. Hello I have a question about spoofer, this spoofer has been detected before? because I use it for an EAC game and it works great but if EAC detects this it can ban me
  19. hope it does - i like kill collies !!!
  20. Will Cheat continue to update?When will it be updated?
  21. Due to the addition VAC to the game it closed until better times.
  22. I will check, thank you for report
  23. Whenever I try and loot someone my game crashes when the cheat is loaded, otherwise it is fine! Please can you take a look at this and see if the cheat is causing the error?
  24. We have troubles with PayPal, it disabled currently.
  25. PayPal payment for Foxhole canceled? I can't use anything other than PayPal
  26. Thank you, updated.
  27. need update for new update @admin
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