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  2. Its a block from 3rd program, look at anti-cheats direction, windows defender dont do that.
  3. Yesterday
  4. spoofer worked last night and i dont have riot vanguard or windows anticheat on anything else?
  5. Where is admin? I'ts important. Thank.
  6. Last week
  7. Thank you for report, updated.
  8. ^ Same thing is happening to me.
  9. 5/28 again
  10. Earlier
  11. Fixed, please check.
  12. yeah it is working ,but enemy and team exchange,enemy (green )friendly (red) now,so aimbot to friendly.
  13. Updated.
  14. Thank you for report, work in progress....
  15. Так с камнями когда бежишь вх тоже не стоит на месте а двигается слегка вперёд и возвращается на место
  16. После обновления чита плохо работает вх боксы не успевают за человеком или наоборот вперёд уходят и аим из за этого хуже работает
  17. After update 36, it shows the matrixaddress error, all functions dont work
  18. Thank you for info, i will take a look... Not sure i can fix this issue in closest time.
  19. Hey, I had this spoofer for some time, it worked fine but it stopped spoofing my mac address. So i got another mac address spoofer and used it with the easycheats spoofer. However it still does not let me play fortnite without getting kicked
  20. Please send your key in PM
  21. I bought your spoofer from some guy reselling it , he gave me the exe file then after i paid him , he gave me the key, its been working great but tonight I log in and try to spoof and it says that " this key has been used on another PC" well its never been used other than my PC. so can you reset my key? or
  22. cheat isn't showing win 10 pro latest updates game in windowed mode fps at 60
  23. Please send your key in private message.
  24. i need a hwid reset on my key
  25. I have a couple feature requests. Is there any chance these could be added (to see through walls)? -horses -electronics: -windmills -large/medium/small batteries -test generators -turrets: what weapon the turret has, how much ammo the turret has, and if the turret is currently powered on
  26. I'm not sure what happened, but I can't get it to happen again. Apologies for the trouble.
  27. Please provide screenshot of this
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