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  1. yes we will put rust cheat status as Undetected if the sales go back live again, but we do not know when will this happen or even IF it will happen.
  2. Yeah, no lmao. I invited 4 people, pictol invited 3 people, other guy invited his friend. So we know pretty much of how every invite went and even have paypal logs . And the user which tried to do that he said it's a joke, we warned him, invites are closed for atleast a week or two anyways to see how stuff goes.
  3. Okay. But just so you know, you won't get into this cheat ever. And no, you do NOT have any proof cause you're lying. No one can sell you an invite except pictol and he has NEVER sold an invite, unless people THEMSELVES want to give us money as for thank you I guess so stop talking bullshit, thanks.
  4. show me it
  5. LMAO. NO ONE sold an invite, NO ONE. We invited everyone for free. If someone gave us additional money they gave it in their own will, we never charged more than 15$.
  6. No one is exploiting anything, i've no idea what you are talking about.