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  1. dude, trust me there's a very slim chance you will get in..
  2. Did the cheat update or?
  3. from my understanding no one will be invited anymore, but GL no one knows..
  4. Will you annonce when sales is open again?
  5. welcome to the forum. Getting your hands on the rust cheat is probably impossible(Atleast for me) at this point... not everyone here is russian tho.
  6. Obvs Not But i Know laurisk from another provider Not sure If I Can name it here tho. If the slots really Are Full hmu with ur discord I know another provider not as cheap But still kinda cheap
  7. I am Not invited But +1. Laurisk always legit
  8. no need to dislike me it was a joke jez
  9. i'll give you 15$ for an invite <3
  10. Thanks for the help @rossiscool123
  11. I know but I'm wondering if there's another way I know no one who has this
  12. What can I do to purchase the cheat? Can anyone invite me maybe? Other cheats are down, how am I supposed to buy it? Can I ask for invite on the forums?