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EN: Crossout cheat manual

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After launching cheat with your program serial key it must appears in game, inside game: to open cheat menu use mouse, cheat menu button available are in top left corner. 

About aimbot: 

Aimbot prediction: Aimbot have movement prediction, which is regulated by bullet speed parameter, here menu description:


Bullet Speed - can be adjusted manually, or set to AUTO selection for alredy configured in cheat weapons, to turn ON auto - set bullet speed value to 0, if weapon are configurated it will be displayed on left top side of screen in one word: 1.jpg, if not there will be other text like that: 2.jpg.

For manual correction of projectile prediction, current params of bullet speed are:

1. Chord, Vector, Spectre - 800 m / s
2. Rapier, Whirlwind - 625-650 m / s
3. Executioner - 300-325 m / s
4. Little Boy - 175-200. Fat Man 300-350  m / s
5. Wasps 150 m / s 
6. Cricket - 175-200 m / s 
7. Scorpion (in Large black scorpions) 250 m / sec, disable bullet fall correction. 


Aimbot key:
By default aimbot key are set on right mouse button, it can be changed to any other in cheat options menu, option Aimbot key. Aimbot are turned on holding button, and aims at closest to game crosshair targets,the aiming speed for it also can be regulated, so it can be set to slow mode for safety reason. A key for switching aiming at enemy car modules also in cheat options menu, option Aiming modules key.


About follow bot: 

Follow bot turns ON/OFF by <home> key or directly from cheat menu, to start bot you have to be in battle, supported only normal missions, for farm wires and metal.

Here follow bot menu settings description:


To exit from battle bot uses mouse clicks on ingame interface, but only if turned on any of Exit function. Make sure that all of click coordinates are mach with ingame interface buttons, here is example: 5.jpg

If they didn't mach - change game to windowed mode, and then by mouse adjust game window size to minimal possible or until the blue dots will be on corresponding places.

Follow bot works in the next way: in battle he select closest ally car, and then movies by same path, when it meets enemy he attacking if the enemy in close enough distance, attention! for attack bot uses keys F and 5, becouse of that make sure you are set attack on that keys, weapon attack keys can be configured in hungar or in game controls options. Also follow bot saves paths for every map, for future use they in case of no neares ally car found to follow, folder for saving creates near cheat laucher with name 'followbot', on delete all saved paths will be erased.

Craft for bot:

Craft must be lite and resposive on driving, ideally on white cabins. From weapons use only autonomic: drones, quadrocopters and caucasus - bot are not seeing walls and can shoot in. Here a craft example on drones:6.jpg


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